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Dress Slimmer Without Wearing Spanx

Let’s be real: Spanx items are miracle workers, but rarely are they comfortable enough to really want to wear. Sometimes you feel stuck. do you sacrifice your comfort to look perfect in that dress, or do you sacrifice looking perfect to be comfortable? Great news and newsflash. you don’t have to do either! We’ll walk you through how you can dress slimmer without using Spanx.

Find the Perfect Bra

Selecting the right size and fit for your bra is something that is imperative if you want to appear slimmer. A good bra will support and enhance your bust; you don’t want to fall out of your bra, nor do you want your bra to swallow up your breasts. Whether you need to go up or down a size, consider finding the appropriate size and fit for your bra a vital foundation for appearing slimmer.

Wear the Right Shoes

Appearing taller is one surefire way to appear slimmer, so do not be afraid of high heels. Trick of the trade: if you wear them in nude tones that come close to your skin color, it’ll appear as though a few inches have been added to your legs. Not only that, but heels are known to improve posture, which is another great way to appear slimmer.

Wear Vertical Patterns

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that horizontal lines and patterns make the eye go side to side – this isn’t what you want people to do when you’re dressing to appear slimmer. Try wearing vertical patterns that draw the eye up and down, instead. This naturally gives the illusion that you’re longer and narrower as opposed to the opposite.

Wear One Color

For a similar reason as to why you want to wear vertical patterns, consider wearing one color as opposed to two. Two colors (blue jeans and black shirt) draw a dividing line right down your middle. One color (black pants and a black shirt) keep that eye moving up and down without ever creating an aesthetic break – thereby making the body appear longer.

Wear the Appropriate Length

Don’t guess at skirt length – this is one of the largest mistakes a woman can make if she’s trying to appear slimmer. Mini-skirts don’t always elongate the leg and neither too long maxi-skirts. Rather, choose a hemline that hits your leg at its thinnest point; for some, this will be above the knee, and for others, it will be right below, just under the calf.s

Accessorize Wisely

If you have a larger bust, consider a larger statement accessory necklace to take up some of the space, thereby making it appear smaller. The alternative would be to wear a smaller necklace that’s swallowed up by a larger surface area, which is neither attractive nor effective.

Put those Spanx away and dress slimmer with a just little fashion sense and you will slim that body right down.

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