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4 Ways to Dress (and Feel) Like a Super Woman Every Day

As Carolina Herrera once said, “The impossible does not exist for a woman, it only takes time to achieve it”. There will be days when you feel more powerful than others. When everything seems to go wrong, follow the old adage: Get dressed in that suit, dress, shirt or whatever it is that makes you feel like a million bucks and you will see how your life improves just a little bit more.
This simple tip works for those days when your energy is down, but there is still some useful advice that you can apply in your daily life to go out feeling like best version of yourself every day. Here are some tips of feminine wisdom that are always worthwhile to remember.

When In Doubt, Put On Some Heels

Those extra inches will make you see the world from a whole new perspective. Plus, the physical requirement of being upright will make you look more stylized and that will help you feel more confident about yourself which can help you face the world with more ferocity. Finally, they are the perfect accessory to enjoy your sensuality; nothing will make you feel more empowered.

The Power Comes From Within … From Your Lingerie

The secret for many successful women is that they wear underwear that makes them feel like the most powerful and sensual beings on the planet! No matter what you wear, if you’re wearing lingerie that you love you will feel like the most capable woman in the world. Do you know that feeling when you know something that others do not? It is a similar sensation. It’s as if you had a super power that only few have had the pleasure of knowing.

Your Mom Was Right, Blazers With Shoulder Pads are Great

The 80s are back and with this style comes the power suit: Yes, the same suits that turn Melanie Griffith into an style icon. For a long time, the fashion world rejected the idea of straight shoulders, even though many mothers around the world kept talking about how important those shoulder pads were, whether in blazers, shirts or dresses. Just like with the return of high-waisted jeans, these accessories give your body an imposing silhouette. This is the perfect item to go out and conquer the world in.

T-shirts with Feminist Messages

This is an ideal solution for those days when you simply need to be reminded of how much you are worth and what you are capable of. Who better than you to remind yourself every time you see your reflection in the mirror and appreciate how good you look with an empowered phrase that also manages to inspire you. Maria Grazia Chiuri set the trend with Dior and her “The Future is Female” T-Shirts, now others have picked up the baton and include powerful slogans and phrases such as “Inclusion Ridr”. This is a great resource that you can also use when you want to tell the world what you think.

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