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Drake Bell Talks his Love for the 1950s and his Lighthearted Approach to Social Media

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You recently injured your wrist back in November. How are you holding up on tour? Are you playing any differently?

I’m playing completely differently and it’s a bummer. I’m still recovering. I’m playing but I’m completely learning a new way of playing.

You style is very obviously inspired by the ’50s with your pompadour hairstyle, leather jackets, etc. How did you come about his style? Is it relatively new even though you’ve loved ’50s all of your life?

Since I was a kid, my dad used to be a greaser. He introduced me to Elvis when I was 5-years-old. I tried to do my hair like Elvis and perform like Elvis. Then I discovered guitar and tried to be like Brian Setzer. The first time I saw Elvis [in] ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ it was over. There was no way you could get me to study anything except for how to do that. My life was devoted to figuring out how to do that.

What would you say is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

I went into Marc Jacobs and they were trying to dress me. They wanted to [layer] two shirts but I suggested to put them together [to] make them one, to design a whole new thing. I went to my tailor and designed this entirely new rockabilly shirt that is so cool. It’s one of the coolest shirts I have ever seen and it was an accident. [The sales team at Marc Jacobs] told me I couldn’t do it, and I said, ‘No. Watch.’

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