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Drain Repair Services In Toronto: What You Should Know

Leaky drainage can cause serious issues if not checked in advance and corrected. For instance, if a drain repair is not carried out for the long term, it can lead to serious property damage, pollution, and awful odor in your home. The pollution of the surrounding areas can cause trees and plants to dry up and in some cases can result in diseases. When foul groundwater builds up underground, it can lead to serious soil pollution.

When exposed, it can result in serious problems for people living in the surrounding areas. The issues that can be caused by damaged drains are so many. But before we even discuss how to correct damaged drains, you may want to know what causes it in the first place. One thing that may damage the drains are the roots from the nearby trees, rusting and corrosion of the pipes if they are made of metal and underground tectonics. People can also damage ceramic pipes if they dig too deep where the pipes pass. This weakens the pipes. So, regular drain repair is essential to repair the pipes.

What Are Signs That Your Drain Is Damaged?

Various signs tell you that your drains are damaged and need drain repair Toronto. On the top of the list is a disgusting odour, sinkholes, damp patches in specific areas on the floor and walls, etc. You might also see cracks on the floors and walls or build-up of maggots and flies. A poorly working drain may not be simply blocked but could be other serious issues such as damages on the drain and indeed require drain repair as soon as possible.

If you need you can invest some small amount of funds in purchasing a rodding set device that is used to drift any clogging near your home. However, if the damage is great or the blockage is something that you cannot DIY, it would be a great idea to call a professional drain repair Toronto expert to do the work for you. Hiring an expert to repair your drain is an intelligent decision since the small amount of money you pay cannot be compared with what you would have paid to repair the damage that clogged or damaged drains cause.

What Are Major Methods Used To Repair Damaged Drain?

Experts use various methods to carry out drain repair. Here are common ones you may consider if you are experiencing the problem of damaged or clogged drain;

  • CCTV Drain Survey.

If you are suspicious that something is not right with your drains, the best thing you can do is to call a professional to come and inspect your drains. Professional companies use CCTVs to inspect your pipes and know what could be wrong about them.

If they discover that your drains are damaged, they decide on the right measures to take in order to fix the issue they have identified. This depends on the degree of the state of the drains.

Usually, when they discover that your drains are damaged, they recommend the use of trenchless methods such as slip lining and cured in place pipe, which is much cheaper and doesn’t take much time. Besides, there is no much destruction in the place where the drains are installed. On the other hand, the other methods usually need extraction of the pipe, and this takes a lot of time and cause a lot of destruction.

  • Slip Lining.

This is one of the oldest trenchless methods and employs inserting rigid tubes into the damaged pipes to enhance its structural strength and prevent drain leaks.

  • Cured In Place Pipe.

This is typically a drain relining approach that employs the trenchless technology, and it is a great way to repair damaged or cracked drains. The method involves the use of tubular material soaked with resin which is then inserted in the damaged drain with the help of air pressure or a winch.

After the tubular material is entirely inserted into the damaged drain, the next step is the use of an inflatable device to expand the tubular material to take the form of the pipe inside and then activation of the resin using UV light. One has to wait for some minutes before withdrawing inflatable material so that the resin cured completely.


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