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Doug Jeffery Talks The Classic Black Suit

Viva Glam Magazine spoke briefly to former fashion model and actor, Doug Jeffery. Doug is now owner of the production set design company, 41 sets. He shared with us briefly his passion for the the classic black men's suit:

  1. Doug, can you purchase an inexpensive suit and still get a million dollar look?

Yes, it’s all about how it’s tailored and fitted to your body.
Suits are typically designed on fit models.
Everyone’s body is different.
And suits are fitted to one body for the designer. Getting a suit tailored and fitted to your specific body shape can give you that million dollar look without spending a fortune.

  1. If you can only purchase one suit what should it be?

You can’t go wrong with a simple black classic suit.
It always stays in style. Black is ideal whether for weddings, funerals or a night on the town. Black is the go-to color.

  1. Tie or no tie?

Traditionally, you would always go with a tie. But now, you can pull off sophitication and style with out making it too formal.
I call it the “George Clooney look” and I prefer the no tie. But if you’re going without a tie, throw a white handkerchief in for a little “je ne sais quois.”

  1. Should you see your shirt cuff or not?

It’s important to make certain when you’re buying a suit the cuff is visible. Personally, I prefer an inch of shirt cuff.
I’m also a big fan of French cuffs; they are more elegant and remind me of traditional old movie star glamour.

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