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The Do’s & Don’t of Wearing Your Personality to Work

If you work at an office then you know there’ s address code in place. Some dress codes are obviously easier to follow than others, but there are definitely some obvious ones that you will need to fulfill. Take a look at our list, and make sure you’re conforming to office rules while looking your best.

Check Your Neckline

An important rule of thumb when dressing for work is to make sure that your neckline is never four inches lower than your collarbone. Sorry gals, that means you probably can’t wear that plunge neckline, at least not at work.

Leave the Spaghetti Straps at Home

Spaghetti straps are awesome; no one is going to deny that, but when you’re going sleeveless for work, make sure that the top extends out to the edge of your shoulder. Don’t worry, you can be modest AND stylish at the same time.

Pumps for the Win

If you’re doubting what type of footwear you should have when you’re heading into work, especially if it’s on the first day, wear pumps. There are some offices that require women to wear heels, and pumps can actually be pretty comfortable when worn properly.

Keep it Pressed

When you’re getting ready for work, make sure that your outfit is properly ironed, pressed, and presentable. Please don’t go into work looking like you slept in your blazer; it’s not a good way to make an impression.

Avoid Print Mixing

Unless you are a fashion savant, don’t try this at home! A popular television show I used to watch brought about an amusing statement to one of the characters who had just walked into work: “You look like my grandmother’s couch!”. There are many different print options out there, but you really don’t want to go overboard with print mixing by any stretch of the imagination. If you must mix, go ahead and do a subtle stripe with a floral, or something similar.

Watch the Accessories

You can look like anything you want outside of work, but while you are at work, you don’t want to look like a jewelry store. Cut down on the accessories and make sure you keep it as simple as possible!

Skirt Length is Everything

We strongly recommend that when you are wearing a skirt, you wear something knee length, but if you must go shorter, never go much shorter than a few inches above the knees. It might not necessarily be in the dress code, but some dress codes are unspoken.

Cover Yourself with a Camisole

The workplace is absolutely a place for modesty, and do you remember what we said about necklines? There is a way around it if you want to take the extra step. Wear a camisole beneath your clothing .¨ it will allow you to wear a slightly lower neckline and it will give you the layered effect.

Dressing your best for work presents some challenges, but nothing that you cannot overcome with a little bit of innovation.


How to Dress for Success

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