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Dorothy Wang: Not the Average ‘Rich Kid’

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Have the friendships in your life changed since the show debuted?

I’m still friends with the same people. In the beginning it was a little hard, like when they are in my life but didn’t want [to be] on television. I understand TV isn’t for everyone. My friends are very real. They all have their own stuff going on. No one treats me any more special. If anything, they purposely don’t treat me special to keep me humble and normal and are watchful of that, which I appreciate.


Some men find wealthy women intimidating. Has that ever been a problem in your dating life? If so, how do you handle it?

It does present itself as a problem every so often. People are intimidated, [wonder] how they can keep up, or other people judge. It’s not a good feeling. Guys don’t want to feel like they’re less than or have something to prove. I think that it takes a very confident and secure person to date someone like me, especially boys our age, as they’re not at the height of their career.

I try to find confident guys where it won’t turn into an issue and who have their own stuff going on. It’s important to be a secure, driven, hardworking guy and [just] believe that they are going to be successful.


You are also an entrepreneur with a jewelry line and your rosé. How do you hope to expand your business in the future?

I would love to sell different things as I have a lot of different interests. I love to cook and bake so I would love a cookbook and an apron line that goes along with it. I’d love to do a luxury robe line. For me it’s important to do the next step correctly. If I put my name on it, I want it to be perfect and I have to have the time, resources, and energy to make sure everything goes perfectly.


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