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Dorothy Wang: Not the Average ‘Rich Kid’

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In January 2014, the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills debuted on the E! Network, a network mainly known for hosting the Kardashians. Many assumed the show would tank due to its expected superficiality and lack of storytelling. Little did they know that the show would have incredibly likable characters and storylines that would generate enough social media buzz to create some of today’s favorite young reality stars and influencers.

One of the shining stars of the show is Dorothy Wang, the youngest daughter of self-made real estate billionaire Roger Wang. But unlike many rich kids who just wait until their parents hand over their business, Dorothy is using the RKOBH platform to launch her own businesses, in hopes of creating luxury items and brands that are accessible to everyone.

Wang gives us a look into her past and present and tells us how being rich, and now famous, has shaped and changed her life. She also tells us how she handles the haters and how not being the “bad bitch” has gotten her farther in life.


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Q&A with Dorothy Wang

You grew up in Beverly Hills; do you find money is more of an issue now that your platform Rich Kids of Beverly Hills puts your wealth on display?

I don’t feel like money is an issue now. If anything, “fame” is more interesting to people than the money. I’ve been dealing with money my whole life. “Fame” has made people more interested in getting closer to me.


How would you describe the average Dorothy Wang fan?

I honestly feel like the [Dorothy Wang] fan is the nice girl, the girl next door – the girl that’s vulnerable, caring, classy, fun-loving, and genuine, and has more of an innocence than other fans of reality TV. I know there’s a lot of pressure to be the “bad bitch” and fight with people on TV. People love that but that’s not me. I want to only be true to myself and I would never do anything just because it’s the cool thing to do. I think people who would appreciate me and how I handle those situations are of a different breed.


You get a lot of criticism on your social media platforms. How do you handle haters?

I feel like I’ve come a long way with the haters. It was really hard for me at the beginning to grasp why people hated me – not just haters but also media outlets. There are people that judge us [solely] for the title of the show. Growing up, no one really hated me. I was suddenly getting all of this criticism. But I realize that you can’t make everyone happy. Some people aren’t going to like you for their own reasons and they’re going to want to say something. Because my life is out there for the public, people think they have the right to comment. I’ve gotten to a place where I can laugh about is and I don’t respond unless it’s a factual thing. I get mad if it’s wrong; but even then if I respond, they’re still abrasive.


How has your life changed since the show debuted?

I always say that I feel like the same person, just the situation I’m in is different. The biggest change is that people are more interested in me. When I’m out, they want to start a conversation with me a bit more. A lot of opportunities have come [to me] and it’s given me a platform for my own business. That was the goal from the beginning. It’s given me a job, something to work for every day.


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