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Does He Have All the Control in Your Relationship? How to Tell if You are Whipped

Having a partner who spends all his time with you may feel great at first, but after some time, it may feel a bit too much, especially if he constantly controls and manipulates you. So, how will you know if you are whipped? Here are some signs your partner has all the control in your relationship.

1. He is Overprotective

Keep in mind that controlling is different from caring; however, it can be hard to tell the difference between the two. For this reason, you will know your partner is trying to control you if he is being overprotective.

One example that your partner is being overprotective is when he always asks who you’ve gone out with whenever you go out. Aside from that, he also wants you to consult him whenever you’ve made a decision. Also, your partner may act jealous of your family and friends. These are some examples that your partner is being overprotective. If he does these actions repeatedly and he doesn’t care about your needs and opinions, then he is probably trying to control you.

2. He Makes the Decisions for You

One of the most common signs your partner has all the control in your relationship is when he makes the decisions for you. For instance, he is slowly changing your wardrobe by buying outfits for you? Another example is when he makes arrangements for you without asking you beforehand.

Keep in mind that your opinion matters in a relationship. As such, if your partner is always making the decisions, then he has all the control in your relationship.

3. He Always Play the Blame Game

Always remember that a controlling person will have a hard time taking responsibility for their actions. As such, if he is always playing the blame game, then he probably has all the control in your relationship.

An example of this is when he does something wrong. Instead of apologizing, he will turn it around so that it will be your fault. Most of the time, you may even find yourself apologizing for something you didn’t do.

4. He Invades Your Privacy

Finally, the last on this list of signs your partner has all the control in your relationship is when he invades your privacy. Keep in mind that one of the foundations of a healthy relationship is trust. As such, an ideal partner will allow you to do some things on your own. Plus, he will also respect your privacy and boundaries.

If your partner is invading your privacy, then it means that he is trying to control you. For example, he may try to follow and monitor you when you go out. They may also demand to see your phone to see your conversations with other people.


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