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Doboutique: discover the latest trend by Dell’Oglio

Doboutique is the latest creation of the Dell’Oglio brand: an online boutique that, like the other shops that have now become a symbol of Palermo, offers original garments selected from among those made by the greatest designers in fashion. This online boutique is the latest achievement, but certainly not the only one, of a brand that has been representing the Italian high-end tailoring tradition for over one hundred years.

From the first luxury emporium opened in 1890 by Santi Dell’Oglio, Mario’s great-grandfather, who now heads the family business that has been going strong for three generations, there are currently three shops in Palermo and this new e-commerce. Santi Dell’Oglio began this magnificent adventure and this successful business when he travelled to England to select horses for the Whitaker family. It was then that he discovered the finest English-style clothing and accessories and decided to bring them to his Palermo to be enjoyed by the gentlemen of the time.

The shops on Via Maqueda were joined in 2000 by a new shop on the magnificent Via Libertà: the D’O Libertà store is dedicated to collections by both famous and up-and-coming designers, but above all marks Dell’Oglio’s first step into the world of women’s fashion.

Doboutique: a unique proposal for the contemporary woman

Driven by an innate sense of aesthetics, curiosity and passion, Mario Dell’Oglio is the creative mind behind this company and its new creation. As a matter of fact, Doboutique is the digital version of Dell’Oglio’s brand shops, and although it is an online store, the values of this company can also be found here: customer attention, originality, and a strong link to the past.

All this, however, without losing sight of the horizon: that is why, on the online catalogue, in addition to great English-style classics, suitable for modern gentlemen, one can also find glamorous and ladylike proposals according to the latest trends in the fashion world.

Doboutique is one of the women’s clothing stores that stands out immediately: one glance at the home page is enough to understand how it is possible to dress fashionably here, without renouncing original style. The pictures, words and careful selection by Mario dell’Oglio create a pleasant experience for every fashion lover. Alongside clothes that are great fashion classics, perhaps revised for a current look, such as the proposals that belong to the ‘Icons Revisited’ selection, there are also original clothing and accessories, such as those seen on the catwalks of the latest fashion shows.

For example, in “Picks for her”, selected by the creative flair of Mario Dell’Oglio, there are dresses that play with see-through transparencies and layered light fabrics, enriched with glamorous and sparkling accessories.

Those who want to experience the pleasant atmosphere of Palermo’s summer and maybe feel like being on the famous Mondello beach, or find out what the trendiest outfits are for the coming season, can check out the ‘Stories’ section on Doboutique. Thanks to Dell’Oglio’s storytelling, it is possible to discover women’s collections that underline elegance and femininity, even during hot summer days.

Who is the creative mind behind Doboutique?

It is difficult to define Mario Dell’Oglio, an original, creative, and visionary personality who has succeeded in carrying on a successful family business. A decision that, according to the entrepreneur from Palermo, had to be made not only to fulfil the countless requests he received from customers who had visited the Palermo Dell’Oglio boutiques and wanted to continue to dress in the same style, but also because it was necessary to look ahead and seize new opportunities.

Behind the fine selection of clothes and accessories there is not only an innate talent and a keen sense of aesthetics, but also Mario Dell’Oglio‘s desire to be different from others and his natural inclination to travel, even with his mind.

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