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Do Young People Really Think Differently About Influence and Experiences?

What do today’s youth think about in regard to their identity, impact on others, and the state of affairs?

In many ways, today’s youth are very similar to generations of the past. They want good jobs, a high standard of living, and to lead fruitful and productive lives. However, today’s younger generation between the ages of 13 to 34 also display values and behaviors that are extremely different than past generations.

Moj Madhara, media platform Beautycon’s chief executive, said she believes today’s youth are seeking that which is “unique, impactful, and real.”  In fact, Madhara did an extensive survey of the demographic of youth, aged 13 to 34, that she calls, “Pivotals”.  To better understand Pivotals, Beautycon partnered with the research firm, Culture Co-Op, to survey over 1,000 Pivotals to examine the way they use both beauty products and social media.

What did this survey unveil? Well, 71% of Pivotals have friends that live in different countries. This is due in part to social media and the interconnectivity that it brings. Pivotals check their phones a whopping 160 times a day, and 57% of them take at least one selfie a day.  They also favor “lived experience over authority”.  So, they are less likely to believe someone telling them something rather than them experiencing it themselves. Concurrently, they also believe that “Instagram is an aspirational magazine not of what you own, but of your experiences.”

Pivotals watch on average two to four hours of You Tube each week; much of what they watch is tutorials, which in turn impacts what they purchase. Seventy-three percent of Pivotals said that they purchase based on social media. In regard to beauty, they believe that beauty isn’t about beauty products alone. It’s also about cultural expression and your own creativity.

When asked what they believe the biggest cultural change is, they said, “the freedom to express yourself however you want.” What do YOU think? Do you hold similar values and opinions to the Pivotals?


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