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Do You Want to Live a Long and Happy Life?

Take some advice from this 105 year old Japanese doctor on how to be happy!

Do you want to live a long and happy life? Most of us certainly do! If you do, take some sound words of advice from a Japanese doctor who lived to be 105!

Shigeaki Hinohara lived to be 105 years young! He lived in Japan and enjoyed giving advice to people on how to live up to 100 years and beyond!  Believe it or not, he was born in 1911 and passed only in 2017. He wrote 150 books on how to live well and long.  And there are several things that Mr. Hinohara attributed to him living a long and prosperous life that he loved to share with everyone.

He believed you should always carry your own belongings and take the stairs. Don’t have someone do this for you. By taking the stairs you will get more exercise daily.

He also said it is important to always educate yourself. Don’t always rely on the words of “experts” or “specialists” because you may know more than they do!

Sharing is also a key component in happiness and contentment.  Share your knowledge with others in order to help benefit their lives too.

And if you love to work, don’t retire. Continue to do what you love in life even if you are getting older.  Also, if you worry about your life becoming boring, plan ahead.  Fill your schedule with many things so you will never be bored.  Look forward to events, opportunities and meeting other people.

Don’t allow yourself to become overweight and realize that energy comes from feeling good.  Energy doesn’t necessarily come from what you eat or the amount of sleep you get. Mr. Hinohara believed it comes from being happy.

He said it is important not to worry so much. He said that no matter what, life is full of situations, ups and downs, and there is nothing that you can do to change this.

Mr. Hinohara also said to not be consumed by money.  When you die, you will not be taking any of your money with you.

And finally, he said to be motivated all of the time.  Find a role model and always be inspired!


What Does it Take to Be Happy?

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