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Do You Shop for Your Selfies?

A new study shows that women have changed the way they shop in order to look their best when they take selfies.
In fact, they are spending many more hours than before to create fresh fashion looks for the images they share online.


The rise of the selfie has caused women to change their outfits more per day than before. As a result, retailers are under more pressure to provide new clothing options based on the latest catwalk fashions.


What women buy is also changing. Rather than buying one quality, statement piece for their wardrobe, women are opting to buy cheaper tops, skirts and bottoms that can easily be mixed and matched to reflect more variety.
They don’t want to be caught wearing the same thing twice on social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


Women are insisting on faster items cheaper because part of the selfie phenomenon is they want to wear changing trends quickly and to keep up with the latest styles.


Retailers are picking up on the selfie trend and installing “buy it now” buttons on their websites that allows the consumer to buy what they are viewing within a given image. And social networking is also a means by which women are purchasing items that they see by the click of a button.


Are YOU a selfie shopper? If so, do you purchase more items at a lesser cost to keep up with the latest trends? Or do you still purchase more expensive basics?


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