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Do You Really Know What That Label Means?

From shampoos to soaps, and lotions to acne creams, what exactly do the labels on your most common products really mean?
Most of us use beauty products each day and we don’t even know what “active ingredient” or ” clinically proven” mean.
Here are some of the most commonly used terms and what they mean.


Clinically proven” means that a doctor has used this product on someone and said it was safe to use.
Anywhere from one to one million people could be used in this test.


The “active ingredient” is something that seeks change in your body.
The active ingredient is what differentiates a cosmetic and a drug.


Extra whitening” means that your toothpaste can be considered a pharmaceutical because it contains fluoride.
However, extra whitening is considered cosmetic and therefore there are no regulations regarding the whitening aspect in your toothpaste. So unfortunately, a toothpaste with extra whitening may or may not actually whiten your teeth.


All natural” can be misleading.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that all the ingredients are natural.
It can mean that the chemicals used are not tested.
Also, these products may not contain preservatives that help to kill bacteria.
So read the ingredient list on “all natural” products before purchasing them.


Remember, the world of cosmetics is not highly regulated. So it is best to be educated, read labels, and sort through the technical jargon before making your final purchase.

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