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Do You Know These Favorite Celebrity Travel Destinations?

Where do your favorite celebs go to R & R?

For some reason, we’re absolutely obsessed with the lives of our favorite celebrities. We watch what they eat, how they dress, what they do and, of course, where they travel!

They have access to places the average person can only dream about! They travel by private jet to far-off places with names so exotic we might not have even heard of them before. Sometimes, they go with a beautiful partner for romance and lovemaking. Other times, they visit a fun spot with their families. And sometimes we are surprised when they even look a bit like us as tourists!

Some prefer charming resort towns that are off the beaten path. Others visit high-end luxury resorts where they are waited on hand and foot. And sometimes they mix a bit of work with pleasure and shoot projects while visiting other parts of the world. I mean, why not if you are already there, right?

Watching celebs vacation all over the world is ideal because we can manifest where WE want to go too. After all, can’t you see yourself diving in the Maldives? Or perhaps you’d rather be boating across Lake Como with your family? How about sipping cocktails and watching the sun set over St. Tropez? All of this is possible if only you believe it to be.

So come along as we take you to some of your favorite celebrities’ vacation spots to travel for both work and play! Before you know it, you just might be rubbing elbows with them at the roulette table in Monte Carlo!

And if that doesn’t happen, you can still dream about it and enjoy an amazing vacay somewhere else with your friends and family!



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