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Do You Believe in Yourself? We Know Someone Who Does!

The Believe in Yourself Foundation helps combat financial pressure felt by young girls from low-income families.
Needless to say, growing up as a young woman in today’s society can be challenging. With society’s high expectations of how a woman should behave and what she should look like, many believe we are portraying an unattainable concept of what young women should be today.

Sam Sisakhti, founder and CEO of UsTrendy, started a foundation, the Believe in Yourself Project, to have a positive influence on young women across America. He understood the difficulty young women have who come from financially challenged situations. These women are often pressured to stay in style, look pretty and purchase new items with each season. This is in contrast to young men who society does not place as much pressure on them staying in fashion.
Along with combating these challenges, Believe in Yourself also helps to promote a positive body image to young women.

How do they do this? One activity is donating brand new, unworn designer dresses to underprivileged girls to wear to school dances or other events and special occasions. And they are also in talks with women who have struggled with their own body image to become speakers or mentors to girls in the Believe in Yourself program.

These girls not only gain beautiful new dresses, they attain something far more important: empowerment, positivity, and the gift of confidence.

To donate to this worthy cause and learn more about Believe in Yourself, visit their website:

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