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DIY Scrubs and Creams for Pretty Hands and Feet

Summertime brings us stunning weather, as well as a lot of walking around and on the beach. Keeping your hands, feet, and skin looking good and healthy while out and about is just as important as keeping them from getting dry in the winter. Here are a few fun recipes to keep your feet looking pretty all summer long!

Skin Luscious Body Cream

This cream has butters and oils that just love your skin. It helps keep the skin soft and supple while smoothing out blemishes. You can use anywhere on the body, as well!

2 droppers (full) of avocado oil

1.5 ounces of shea butter

.5 ounces of coconut oil

2 droppers (full) vitamin E oil

2 droppers (full) red raspberry seed oil

5 drops Young Living Grapefruit EO

5 drops Young Living Geranium EO

3 drops Young Living Patchouli EO

4 drops Young Living Manuka EO

3 drops Young Living Mastrante EO

Mix well and store in a glass jar.

Nail Oil

Oils are great for your nails. They keep them long and strong. This blend helps support growth and it only takes 1-2 drops per hand! Rub it over your fingernails and cuticles.

1oz glass dropper bottle

7 drops of Young Living’s Myrrh Essential Oil

10 drops of Young Living’s Lemon Essential Oil

7 drops of Young Living’s Geranium Essential Oil

8 droppers (full) of rosehip oil

4 droppers (full) of jojoba oil

3 drops of vitamin E oil

*Lemon is a photosensitive oil, so apply at least 12 hours before you spend time in the sun. I apply it at bedtime.

Foot Soak

Our feet are often neglected and need a lot of TLC! Start with a foot soak. You can use a lot of different oils in your foot soak. Peppermint to energize and invigorate your feet. Lavender to soothe tired feet. Lemongrass to help clean the stink away after a long day.

Start with a large bowl or foot tub with hot water. Add in ¼ cup of epsom salts with about 5 drops of your chosen essential oil(s) added. Soak those feet for 10-15 minutes and then towel dry.

Wasn’t that nice? Next, do a coffee scrub to exfoliate your feet and make them really soft. (Sugar or salt also work really well.)

Coffee Scrub

Glass Jar (about 7-8oz)

1 cup of coffee

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup of coconut oil

1 tsp of cinnamon

10 drops of orange essential oil

*Orange is a photosensitive oil, so use at least 12 hours before you spend time in the sun.

Last step, apply the Skin Luscious Body Cream to your feet! Your feet will love you a lot!

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