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DIY Episode “How to make stud pocket shorts!”

Today is a speedy 2 step how-to guide on making stud pocket shorts!


With Coachella music festival right around the corner, I wanted to dedicate the next few epsiodes to Coachella fashion trends. I know we all want to rush out and by things to wear, but before you do I wanted to share some quick and easy how-to guides on some fun fashion pieces perfect for this year’s event! 



E6000 Glue


Seam cutter

Pyramid stud trim

I am working on my own DIY store right now to suplly you guys with exact materials I use for all of my projects. I wil have everything from all my DIY episodes so that if you like EXACTLY what I make it will be accessible to you super cheap and immediately!

Until next week, stay fashion fabulous

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