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DIY EMILIO PUCCI SPRING 2015 2 easy steps to re-creating a dress Emilio Pucci’s 2015 Spring runway!

When I saw these gowns walk down the runway it brought to mind fond memories of vacations in the South of France and Italy. I could remember the way the air felt at night and
the conversations in foreign languages rattling though my mind. The sound of tinder boats
moving through the water delivering guest to their yachts as the sun began to set. I love how fashion pieces, music or smells can bring us back to places lost deep in our memory so instantly.

Something about being abroad always fills the air with a hint of romance, as if you’ve stumbled upon a movies set.
I think our lives should be as romantic as possible. Take love and romance out of our days and life becomes a lot less of a fairytale. Not saying you have to get up in the morning and put a gown on, but saving time in the evenings to create a bit of ambience throughout your home, whether it be through relaxing music with no tv or lighting a few candles and stepping away from technology driven energy.

What I love about these gowns are that they have the feeling of being naked when you are wearing them. They caress your body like silk sheets and move the way chiffon drapes blow near an open window. Moving with and through life is key to living a weightless life. Everything changes, so you either learn to move with it and embrace it, or stay in one place like an old oak tree and watch moments and life pass you by.

Your thoughts should be treated the same way, they are always free to go anywhere, don’t let them head in the wrong direction. Never underestimate that once in a lifetime right in the middle of an
ordinary life, love can give us a fairytale.



Watch my quick and easy DIY video below:

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Hope you enjoyed today’s video

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