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Planning on going to Coachella 2015? If so, I am sure you’re already starting shopping and planning your outfit ideas months ago. If your budget is tight after buying tickets, parking, hotel room, and lets not forget food/water…then today’s DIY video is for you! I put together a few inexpensive, last minute outfit ideas. Customizing any of your look for festivals is always a fun way to spend the day. Have a little pre-coachella party with your girlfriends with food, good music and of course…a fashion showcase of all your outfit ideas!

The designs I put together today are super easy to recreate because I
designed them on base pieces that we either have, or easily have access too… meaning borrowing from a friend or sister;)

When I think of DIY Coachella Outfit Ideas, I think of a cool pair of shorts, a fun bikini top, and a statement bag or backpack. These are 3 statement pieces that every girl will definitely have on her packing list, other than 5 pounds of accessories!


Images below is what we will be designing today!


Look 1

Look 2


Materials needed:

Look 1:

Bandeau bikini top (mine is from Target), 6 inch fringe, metallic trim, fabric glue or sewing machine. (binder clips if using glue)

Look 2:

Black satin high waisted shorts (mine are from American Apparel), 6 inch fringe trim, fabric glue, or sewing machine

Look 3:

Moroccan print placemat (mine is from Target), Moroccan trim, gold pyramid studs, sewing machine.

Lets go ahead and get started with the video:

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I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY video:)

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