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Dive into Style with Adicora Swimwear

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What do you look for in a potential Adicora model?

We typically go with models that you don’t find on the runway.
It’s important to find women that fit our suits and show off how the cuts and patterns accentuate the curves on a woman’s body. We feel we identify with all women, regardless of their ethnic background or even if their hair is a different color. If you’ve got a great beach bod, an easy-going personality, and lots of spunk, you’re an Adicora girl!

What was your biggest “OMG Moment” during a show or photo shoot?

Honestly, every year is its own “OMG moment.” The design process is a lot of work, from creating the patterns, making the prototypes, fittings, shows, and photo shoots. It’s rewarding and exciting seeing the results after all the work that is put into the design process.

What personal goals do you have for Adicora?

The business goals I have for Adicora are to slowly incorporate ready-to-wear clothing and eventually introduce a kids swimwear line.

Do you have an
ideal playlist for a future show?

Quite frankly, I come up with my playlist for my shows a couple days before. I get inspired by the venue and clothes, then I figure out the vibe I want to give off, then select the songs. It always turns out great.

Are there potential dress and casual wear lineups for the future?

Perhaps in a couple years, I’ll start designing ready-to-wear summer clothing.

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