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Dive into Style with Adicora Swimwear

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While August is coming to a close, we still have many more weeks of summer and plenty of beach days ahead of us! We’re always on the lookout for a great swimsuit and we talked to a brand we think you’ll love!

Conventionally, most fashion labels that cater to swimwear adhere to the traditional one-piece and bikini. As for Adicora, they’ve taken high fashion inspiration from the runways and translated it into luxurious pieces for both swim and beach leisure.

VIVA GLAM had the privilege to speak with the CEO of Adicora Swimwear, Niveen Heaton, and discovered what inspires and continues to inspire her throughout her innovative, creative, and glamorous career.

Q&A with Niveen Heaton

As CEO of Adicora, what philosophies do you strive to immortalize through your company?

For Adicora, our main philosophy is simply to be daring with your choices. We want women to take our swimwear and make it their own, just as they do with their everyday wardrobe. Always wear things that define you!

Your designs are very diverse as far as fabrics and pattern choices. How and where do you come across such material(s)?

Just like many other fashion companies, we follow the trend forecast reports that are released every year. I take in the color trends and fabric swatches and from there I choose what will be used in the next collection. Sometimes we even create our own exclusive patterns. Adicora Swimwear started back in 2009 and at this point, I know what type of feminine, unique designs our customers expect. I love getting creative with mixing and matching, incorporating fun trims like pom poms and using mesh overlay.

What designers have influenced you throughout your career? Do you have any favorites and why?

This is always a tough question; I have many favorites and I can’t just stick with one. Classics like Valentino, Versace, and Carolina Herrera because they’ve created a legacy and I admire that. [Also] Elie Saab because the designs are super feminine, sexy, and sophisticated. He sure knows how to create designs that compliment a woman’s body! Balmain is another favorite – the embellishments, textures, prints, and armour-like clothing that he does are amazing.

You’ve recently had a show at Metropolitan Fashion Week. How did that go and what were the most exciting highlights of that day?

Every year Metropolitan Fashion Week seems to just get bigger and better. I’ve been working alongside Eduardo Khawam and my team since it started and we just get it .¨ we’re all in sync and know what to expect. Since we all work so well together and can handle what comes our way, it makes the show that more successful. The most exciting highlight for me was the hair that was done by The Gene Juarez Hair & Makeup Team. I’m the Creative Fashion Director for Metropolitan Fashion Week and I come up with the vision for the show in terms of hair and makeup. Every year I meet with the artistic team from Gene Juarez and we execute our vision. This year I was inspired by the Amazonian birds and it was so neat to see that come to life.

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