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Did You Know that These Cities Have the Most Attractive Men?

As you know, we all have different ideas of beauty. One woman may find a man attractive while another does not. Even so, all women look for key qualities to measure a man’s attractiveness. Aside from physical appearance, women may also consider their personality, intelligence, industriousness, emotional stability, and good health. Based on these qualities, we searched through different censuses to find the cities that have the hottest guys. So, here are the cities with the most attractive men.

1. Los Angeles, California

Most people in Los Angeles are health conscious. To be specific, men in this city have an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Aside from that, surveys claim that few men in this city drink and smoke heavily. Based on these factors, we can say that men from this city take good care of their bodies, making them attractive overall.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver is considered one of the best cities with the most attractive men. According to a survey conducted by, men in this city are sexually active. This conclusion is not surprising because they have great qualities that women find attractive. Aside from being good-looking, men in this city are also healthy and in shape. Plus, they make good money.

3. Scottsdale, Arizona

When it comes to shopping, men in Scottsdale stand out. To be specific, men from this city spend a lot of money on personal care products and services. For this reason, we can say that men from this city care about their health and appearance, making them hot and attractive.

4. Arlington, Virginia

We all know that Southern charm can catch most women’s attention. But, that is not the only quality that Arlington men possess. In fact, men in this city have excellent personal style because they can mix and match different outfits in a classy way. Plus, most of them also practice self-care. Because of these reasons, it is not surprising that Arlington is one of the top cities with the most attractive men.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston always makes it on the top of the list of cities with the most attractive men. This result is to be expected because men in this city are known for their looks and chiseled bodies. Aside from that, they are also intelligent. When you combine all these qualities, it is not surprising that Boston men are among the gorgeous men in the country.


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