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Desuar, the Luxury Spa in Los Angeles that Will Make You Love Yourself

If you’re feeling stressed or down, it can be hard to love yourself. That’s where a relaxing day just for yourself comes in. There’s nothing like a luxury spa day to help you love yourself again. But, depending on where you live, it can be hard to find a luxury spa near you at all. In fact, after speaking with quite a few people located in downtown Los Angeles, we learned that it can be very hard to find a reliable luxury spa in the LA area. Downtown is not an easy place to find a spot that separates you from the busy streets around you. Luckily, Desuar is here to save the day!

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Desuar is located in the basement of a building downtown, giving a hip and artistic edge to the luxury spa aesthetic. Charming chandeliers hang above you as you enter this hidden paradise, and even the locker room has a charming look to it (and a sauna we encourage you to try).

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While we were waiting for our services when we visited Desuar, we had the pleasure of speaking with some excited customers who absolutely love this charming spot. Their clientele is absolutely loyal. Once you visit one time, you are hooked.

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Perhaps the most distinguishing thing about Desuar is the wide variety of services it offers. Desuar offers massages, facials, scrubs, vegan tanning, and waxing. But each of these areas has a unique range of services within them. For instance, instead of a hot stone massage, get a Lava Sea Shell massage with smooth, warm seashells rubbing your skin or a Himalayan Salt Bed massage with Chromotherapy (color therapy). Or, after your relaxing Swedish massage, lay on the salt bed to unwind. The salt from this bed pulls out toxins and heals your skin.

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What’s more unique still is the soak baths offered, all within a large copper tub. The copper tub holds in the heat of the bath, but the soaks used within them are unique and exciting. Try a milk bath soak to help ease your skin or a wine soak that does the same. Try the cannabis soak, as CBD is all the rage right now! This is the first location we’ve ever heard of doing soak baths, and we think this is a fantastic idea!

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The most popular services at Desuar are the Swedish massages and also the CBD soaks and CBD massage add ons.

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Desuar is family owned and run, which makes it that much more charming, and it means you’ll get to know the team and feel comfortable with them quickly.

It’s a home away from home for all those living in downtown Los Angeles, but even if you’re not from the area, we recommend you check it out. We haven’t seen anything quite like Desuar! You won’t be disappointed.

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