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Designer Dress Coat Trends to Watch

Coats are an essential part of any wardrobe and making sure you have a coat that is going to fit not only your needs but your tastes can make a huge difference in how happy you are to wear your coat. A great coat that is designer and luxe is a fantastic investment and can be an integral part of your wardrobe quickly and easily. Great luxury designer dress coats can be a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. There are some great designer coat trends that are making the rounds this season that will make choosing your new favorite piece easier.

Long Coats with Accents

One of the most popular new styles of dress coat are long coats that have great accents and colors that make them unique and interesting. Long coats that are unique colors are a great way to break up an outfit and to bring visual interest to your overall look. Plus, having a long coat is the best way to ensure that you are going to be comfortable and that you are also going to be warm when you are out.

Long coats are also inherently luxurious, they are going to feel expensive and look expensive. You can find some truly stunning luxury coats that are long and sensuous and that will instantly elevate any outfit. Long coats are also very versatile, you can spend $5,500 on a coat and be able to wear it to nearly any function. 

Fine Fabrics

Another thing to remember is that with more expensive coats, the materials that are used to create them do make a difference. One fabric that is truly gorgeous and that is perfect for a warm, timeless and beautiful coat is cashmere. Cashmere is very soft, it is water-resistant, and it is warm so you are going to look great while feeling great wearing it. Cashmere is made of goat hair that is long and that has been combed.

In order for it to be cashmere it has to be the unshorn hair from a goat, this means that you are not going to have the shorter hair that has been trimmed. You can tell if a coat is made of real cashmere by rubbing the coat with the palm of your hand. If the fabric balls up or if fibers roll up on the surface, it is likely not real cashmere. The material of any coat as well as the designer are what drives price. More expensive materials are going to be used for more expensive and luxurious coats. 

Leather is another fabric that is going to be great for those that want a coat made of high quality materials that are going to last and that are going to be a good investment. With leather, you can get some great leather coats that are made of lambskin if you want something very supple and very soft. If you want a leather that is going to be a bit tougher you want to opt for normal cow leather.

Puffer Coats and Down Coats

Another trend that you might want to look for that is still very upscale and beautiful are puffer coats that are down filled. Down comes from geese so it is an animal product and it is going to be more expensive than something like fiberfill or synthetic filler. With a puffer coat, if you want an elevated look and a puffer coat that is worthy of being called a dress coat, you might want to look into good name brands, quality materials and coats that are longer. Long trench puffer coats are chic, they are comfortable, and they are going to be super comfy when you do go out into the elements.

Many designers that create luxury coats aim to create timeless pieces. Those coats that have silhouettes that are going to be timeless and classic for years to come. These coats are going to be a wonderful investment for your wardrobe that will be passed down through the generations as an heirloom piece that is truly stunning. 

When buying an expensive coat that is going to be an investment, you want to make sure you are buying a coat that is going to stand up to time and stand up to wear and use. A fantastic coat that is made of great fabrics and great materials are going to last for years to come and will be part of your collection for years and years. With a great coat that is made of materials that are meant to last, you can feel good adding a coat to your collection, even if it is a bit more expensive or out of your average price range and the amount you would normally pay for a coat. 

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