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Designer and Lifestyle Expert Jennifer Adams Gives us Tips on How to Design You Dream Bedroom

If anyone knows how to create the perfect bedroom, it’s Jennifer Adams.
She was a designer on HGTV’s My First Place, a design expert on The Better Show, is the owner of her own award-winning decorating firm Jennifer Adams Worldwide, Inc, the author of Bedrooms That Inspire: Rest, Relaxation, & Romance, and has her own line of bedding, furniture, and more.

Adams came from humble beginnings picking strawberries and cleaning houses to help her family get by. Through living in a small apartment with three siblings and two parents, Adams learned her passion for DIY projects and decorating.

As VIVA GLAM girls are all hard-working women on-the-go, we deserve
to come home to a luxurious bedroom and get a good night’s sleep. Luckily, Jennifer Adams tells us all how.

Q&A with Jennifer Adams

You launched your luxury bedding business in 2009. How has your design style changed throughout your career?

I actually have had my own business for many years before 2009. That was the year I developed my luxury bedding after years and years of research. Prior, I did interior design projects for clients all over the world. I would say my design style has always been about comfort and a casual, relaxed environment with inviting furniture and arrangements. I love helping my clients and customers feel really good about their homes, so much that they might not want to leave it! So in that, my style hasn’t changed. The biggest change over the years has been my use of color; where I used to do everything in neutrals I’m using a lot more color now.

Do you take trends into account when you design new pieces?

Absolutely – I take trends into account whenever I redecorate or design new products. Designing for consumers is so exciting because I need to be looking at the trends, even years down the road as well as what is going on in the market right now. Consumers need the newest styles and looks, otherwise why would they be shopping if they are happy with what they have? I’m always looking for inspiration everywhere I go. Researching the newest trends and finding my own way to interpret them is a great way to stay current and relevant in the marketplace.

As you have a whole line of bedding, what do you think makes the perfect bed?

I always say that one of the most important items to invest in is quality bedding from the mattress all the way through the sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows and decorative touches. You spend so much of your day in your bed, and since quality sleep is critical for your health, it’s so worthwhile to have the most comfortable bedding you can afford. In my bedding collection, we decided to develop a high-end microfiber fabric for our bedding. Our fabric is extraordinarily soft and luxurious. Our microfiber also looks and feels much softer than 600-count cotton and is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Falling asleep in wonderfully soft sheets that won’t bunch or leave you feeling itchy and restless is extremely important for making the perfect bed. Plus, my bedding is easy to care for and doesn’t wrinkle as much as other fibers so your bed always looks finished.

In terms of look and design of a bed, I especially love to use light colors. It’s reminiscent of a five-star hotel and looks extra crisp and clean. To finish the d‚àö¬©cor, use a variety of sleeping pillows from slim options to plush to create a wonderful oasis. Decorative pillows add a pop of color and style to your room and will give the bed an inviting feel, especially if your bedding is in a light tone.

For other hard-working women, how would you advise them to design their house if they have little time to clean, organize, or update their decor? Where should they focus their attention?

The most important area to focus your attention is the bedroom, because sleep has an incredible effect on how we live our day-to-day lives. For those of us who live busy and hectic lives, having one room in your house, like the bedroom, as a tranquil place will help to calm the mind and relax us. You can start by simply removing everything from the bedroom that does not relate to sleep. This includes exercise equipment, desks, computers, video game consoles, dirty clothes, etc. Too much physical clutter causes stress, which is something we need to avoid when trying to fall asleep. Then, I suggest choosing light, soothing colors like whites, creams, beiges and ivories for the walls. Not only do these colors evoke a sense of calm which helps you sleep, but they are also clean and crisp looking. Then, make the bed! Invest in quality bedding, and make it a point to make your bed every morning. Seeing a well-made bed when you walk into the room at the end of a long day reduces stress and creates calm. It’s a little luxury you can so easily give yourself every day!

In other rooms, another great way to create a quick room update is to rearrange your furniture. Sometimes shifting our furniture around can jump start new habits. For example, if your hall table is usually a dumping ground, consider putting a chair or two in the area but make sure you have a place for your keys, phone chargers and the mail. Changing up the scenery will also give you a fresh perspective on your home, and will hopefully inspire you to keep the space neat and tidy.

What are the main things in your house that are constantly in rotation depending on the season or your attitude?

As my husband can attest to, I’m always rearranging the furniture, changing out the artwork and accessories, adding and taking away throw pillows and blankets. I’m constantly testing out all our new products so that is also an opportunity for me to change the colors in every single room. Lately I’ve been playing with a lot of bright colors like pinks and orange, and I pulled a brightly patterned scarf out of my own closet and hung it over my fireplace as a piece of art. I’m also always moving and changing out plants, because I like a lot of greenery and the fresh air they provide.

You hold many jobs titles as a designer, entrepreneur, author, and lifestyle expert. What would you say is the key to balance between work and play?

I’m lucky because I’m living my passion through my work, so it doesn’t always feel like a job. But since I do work a lot of hours and am often traveling, I make it a point to devote time to myself every day and try to spend as much time as I can at home, relaxing with my husband and my two dogs. Every morning, I wake up before anyone else so I can sit, focus my thoughts, and write out a to-do list for the day. I do this before I even start checking email. Every morning I also try to take time to myself to meditate. It helps me find clarity and sets my intention for the day. Meditation is also amazing if I’m facing a particular challenge at work. I find that taking time to meditate will often provide me with the answers I need to tackle difficult questions or problems that arise during the day. At the end of the day, I try to make it a point to practice yoga and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle choices are really helpful in maintaining balance so that when things get hectic, my body and mind are fueled properly to carry me through.



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