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Design Ideas with Rustic Living Room Furniture

Rustic living room design is quite popular today. This is due to its warm and inviting feel. But some homeowners don’t understand what really goes into rustic home decor. Simply put, rustic furniture tends to resonate with a particular vibe that is stunningly distinct in its natural state.

Overall, rustic interior design dwells more on the rough, unpolished, aged, or natural look that exudes a casual appeal. To give you some ideas, here are some elements you must find in a rustic living room interior design:

Natural appeal

Whether you have a coastal or cottage living room, one element that will stay true to rustic style is its natural beauty. It emphasizes the natural elements that make the pieces and overall look aesthetically attractive. You must always go for wood materials instead of synthetic ones to create that organic look in your space.

Additionally, try to go for other natural materials aside from wood such as stone, or when choosing fabric, go for canvas or burlap. Raw materials should dominate your entire rustic home. For instance, you can try to look for reclaimed wood and stone. And try to choose those with a seemingly unfinished look.

Heavy and dark

A rustic living room space should be relatively heavier and darker compared to other home designs. The pieces should look bulkier without being too distracting. Additionally, the ideas should be darker as well. Choose dark tones such as espresso, dark cherry, or other dark natural wood tones.

Although the overall home design is heavy and dark, it should still exude a very natural appeal.

No modern elements

The modern design means the various items, accent pieces, and accessories are more compact. It should have fewer unnecessary ornamental details. On the other hand, the rustic style should have no modern design elements. For instance, your living room furniture items and accessories should don on the decorative detailing. Moreover, home furnishings shouldn’t be flashy. Steel, glass, chrome, and plastic are seldom seen in a rustic space.

Moreover, the overall rustic living room should have a fresh, and grounded aesthetic that emphasizes the earthy components.

Handmade materials and items

To complete a holistic rustic look, there should be handmade pieces in your living room. Aside from the natural and raw materials like stones and wood, the accent pieces and accessories in your space should be handmade. For instance, an accent chair could have a naturally woven wicker design element. The other accessories in your rustic living room should be handmade as well such as woven baskets or woven rugs.

Natural, earthy colors

When choosing ideas for your rustic living room, always go for the natural, earthy colors. Your living room should have more browns, grays, and greens. These are the most common colors in a rustic space because these are the colors of nature. And the only way to achieve a natural look is to make it similar to an outdoor setting. Something that exudes warmth, and not being overly formal or cold.

Plants and fireplaces

Speaking of an outdoor setting, lounging in your rustic living room should feel very warm and raw. One way to achieve this is to include potted plants or hanging plants in the entire space, to give it that air of homeyness that you can’t get from other more prim-and-proper home designs.

Another element that you can add in your rustic living room is an oversized fireplace. This design component is perfect if you have a rustic home by the beach or in the mountains. Any accent that is oversized and warm is undeniably welcome in rustic home decor.


When looking for rustic living room ideas, make sure you assess your space’s area and lifestyle first so you know what furniture sizes, shapes, and styles to choose. Once you determine what you want, shop from Local Furniture Outlet for an extensive array of living room products.

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