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Delicious Wednesday With Kato Kaelin

What is your favorite dessert? Your favorite dish you like to cook?

My favorite desert is Papaya with Lime!! It is the ULTIMATE – better than chocolate. My favorite dish I like to cook is white albacore tuna with a little bit of melted pepper jack cheese on bread or rice crack. The tuna is mixed with relish and capers and a small slice of avocado or AvaKato. I think I will have this now. bye for now!

Does a woman of your dreams have to know how to cook?

The saying “The best way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach” is very false statement for me. I think she should aim her sights just a little below his stomach – I’M KIDDING! A woman knowing how to cook is not a DEAL BREAKER for me. If she can cook that’s great, if she can’t no worries. I live minutes away from a Taco Bell. Although, I think a woman in the kitchen making a meal is very sexy. I’m sure Rachel Ray’s husband has seduced Rachel a few times over Chicken Picata and a side of fava beans.

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(photo by Chaz Rodriguez)

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