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Danity Kane: We’ve Never Wanted To Be Like Any Other Girl Group

Discovered almost 10 years ago, having been brought together by MTV's Making the Band 3, the girls of Danity Kane are back! Sadly, they are back without D. Woods and, more recently, Aundrea Fimbres, but it doesn't mean they have lost their touch. Just listen to their new single, "Lemonade", and you can feel that their chemistry is better than ever. Look out for their new album coming out later this year and try to see them live on their No Filter Tour!

Q&A with Danity Kane

In the last five years, you all have pursued solo projects. What made you want to reunite?

DR: I think it one was of those things where we had been missing each other. We’ve been doing our solo ventures and one of the things that we missed was sharing the success and sharing those moments with someone. Being a solo artist is fine, but when you’re in a group and you’re able to share that dream and that energy and that artistry, it’s so much more beautiful. Being in a group before, we all felt like we were missing something and that was one of the things that we wanted. When we mentioned it [to each other], we knew it was time to get back together.

What should we expect on the new album? What has changed and what has stayed the same, in terms of music and your overall chemistry?

AO: What has stayed the same is that we’re still amazing and making incredible music! What’s changed…we’ve grown up. I hate to say girl versus woman but, speaking for myself, I was a girl coming into this. We’ve all been able to become women throughout it all and also explore ourselves in our own individual pursuits, and now [choosing to] come back together. The message, the ideas, the clarity that we have about what kind of artists we want to be, what music we want to make and how we want to touch people with that music.
It’s a different focus and a different maturity in our vocals, in our sound, and in our perspectives.

You just released your first official single, “Lemonade”, last week which is coming close to 500,000 hits already on SoundCloud. Tell us about the single and why you chose it to be the first single off your upcoming album.

DR: When we were in the studio, we were battling to decide what we wanted to have as [the first] single. We were all ready to launch with the songs that we had, but then we heard “Lemonade” and we knew it was the one. The beat in the background was so clever, and it was reminiscent of “Showstopper”. Everybody already knew us in that vibe, and it was in that vibe but it had evolved. It was a no-brainer for us .≤cause it was amazing!

There are rumors that you are filming a new reality show, for E! in particular. Are you filming and will you have an official announcement soon?

AO: We’re always constantly finding ways to connect with our audience and allow them to explore not just our musical side, but also our personal relationships with each other, because all of those things factor into loving us as artists. We’re always open to share our personal lives and we may take the offers that we have and turn them into a chance to explore television again.

You’re about to commence your No Filter Tour this summer. Do you have special meet and greets planned with your fans?

SB: We definitely have meet and greets. We love to get close to the fans and interact with them in any way we can, so of course! We have two different styles of meet and greets. One is very close and intimate and one that is even [more so where] we give them a taste of our album.

How would you describe Danity Kane’s on-stage style?

DR: We’ve never wanted to be like any other girl group. Even when we came out, our style was something that was organic and artistic, but it was never something that wasn’t relatable. With this tour, we wanted to do a style that was reminiscent of our young and first sound. “Lemonade” [exemplifies that]. It’s urban, it’s chic, and we can marry pop with it at the same time and get away with it. We came in through hip-hop but we were always a pop group. So everything we did, we were able to merge it and blur the gap between genres. That makes the look of our fan base so diverse. It’s the same thing with our style. With this tour, you’re going to see an evolved version of urban mixed with pop to create something that is relatable and fresh but still trend-setting. We’re never going to do the same thing that everybody else is going to do. We’re always going to make it a Danity Kane style. It’s an amazing new look for Danity Kane.

(The photo is the cover art for their new single, “Lemonade”, courtesy of Danity Kane.)

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