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Danika Yarosh Talks ‘Heroes Reborn’ and the Best Friends Animal Society

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It’s been five years since “Heroes” went off the air, but NBC brought back one of its fan favorite shows for a 13-episode miniseries. With a combination of an all-star cast, such as Zachary Levi and Ryan Guzman, and brilliant newcomers, we are bound for an exciting ride.

Tonight, the fifth episode of the miniseries will premiere on NBC. But before you set your DVR, we have an interview with the Hero who can control the elements, Malina played by the beautiful Danika Yarosh.




Q&A with Danika Yarosh


You are surrounded by an all-star cast. Is there anyone that you particularly look up to on set? Is there anyone you were particularly excited to work with?

Oh yeah, the cast is incredible! Everyone’s so unbelievably talented. I’ve only worked with a few people so far, but I’m really excited to work with everyone. Haha, sorry about being so vague, but I can’t talk too much about who I’ve worked with because. spoilers!


You get to combine your love of science and acting with this role. What do you love about playing Malina?

Yeah, it’s so cool! There’s a real scientific phenomenon that occurs during the course of the story with potential dire consequences, but I can’t say anything else because of spoilers.

Malina’s such a great character, but my favorite thing about playing her might be the fact that I get to have an awesome ability. When I was younger, I actually used to pretend that I was a character from the cartoon .≤Avatar’, so I would run around my backyard pretending that I could control the elements. And now, I get to do that with Malina.


What’s the most challenging part about playing Malina?

For my first two episodes, I didn’t have a scene partner because they were supposed to be invisible, so that was definitely different.


How will your character grow over the first season? What can we expect to see?

Well for starters, Malina grew up very sheltered and isolated from society, and she’s at an age where she’s rapidly learning things about herself and where she fits into the world. She’s learning to find a balance between strength, courage, and vulnerability, and at the same time there’s a huge amount of responsibilities that she takes on at a much larger level. In the trailer, you see that she’s kind of struggling with her powers. I mean, she knows how to control them, but she has to use them in a massive way. So over the season, you’ll get to see how it all plays out.


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