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Cute Swimsuits: be ready for your summer with the Sleeper’s swimwear collection

We all love Sleeper for being an unstoppable brand. When the label rapidly become well-known for its pajamas in 2014 we thought that chic and for sure unrepeatable pajamas and sleepwear sets were their confidently occupied fashion market segment. Nevertheless, the brand’s founders – Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva – did not stop. Those Ukrainian women have been giving us brand new collections of women’s garments for 8 years, including: 

  • Unisex pajamas
  • Linen dresses
  • Loungewear sets 
  • and even footwear.

Every creation is made with much dedication and love.  Clothes and shoes are made of high-quality materials and have a unique style. It is the consistently high quality and exquisite style that provides the Sleeper with the highest positions in the market and people love it. Those characteristics also match the brand’s swimwear collection. Yes, yes! You have not misread. This adorable brand has a state-of-art swimwear collection. You would not believe your eyes how stylish, brilliant, and comfortable these cute swimsuits are!

Your swim day in style and comfiness 

Everyone is done with cold weather. Happily, the summer season has just started! And what activity is associated with warm and sunny days? You are right, it is swimming! Don’t you like pool or beach parties? Or just spend some time relaxing while bathing in the sun? Maybe you’d like to have a dip in fresh water after a long and hard-working day? We love summertime water activities, and Sleeper’s swimwear collection is just right for them!. The pieces, which exude thoroughly retro and vintage vibes, are not only suitable for swimming, but for wearing while doing some exercises. Do you remember that vibing ’80s Cher wearing her swimsuit over leggings, and dancing that’s straight out of Flashdance? Here we go with retranslating this cool style in an absolutely modern way. When it comes to design, expect a romantic take on a classic one-piece swimsuit with soft white ruffles on the shoulders. And as for the color palette, blue, pink, along with classic black swimsuits. This line is an extension of the Sleeper’s Athpleasure range that is made up of comfortable loungewear such as, for example, tracksuits with detachable oversized collars, that channels the style of Princess Diana. 

Ad some activity to your day in the swimwear suits

Some of Sleeper’s swimwear suits would also be great for morning jogging or other activities, such as playing badminton, going for a bike ride, yoga, etc. Check, for example, Opera Bikini Set with shorts. Due to its simplicity, it will not sit too tight on you. It is comfy and does not restrict your movements while doing some activities. There is also a wide range of size lines for these suits, so everyone could find suitable clothes.

Swimsuit with ruffles: collection’s specialty 

Ruffles are the Sleeper swimsuit collection’s highlight! Cheeky, fun, and bursting with feel-good vibes. The Ariel swimsuit with ruffles is so stylish and high-fashion. It is what would make you special wearing swimwear. There are both ruffle one-piece swimsuits and two-piece sets. Both types features ruffled detailing on the shoulders. Styles are meant to be versatile, just as suited to a day at the beach as they are to being paired with leggings and worn out and about. Moreover, they are made for comfort and pleasure without the need to sacrifice any of the two. The suits are carefully crafted of Econyl by an experienced team of seamstresses. These fresh and playful swimsuits are designed to take you from pool-side to party-side in comfort and the blink of an eye – all while looking effortlessly chic.

Long sleeve swimwear sets

What is more, there are some sets with long sleeves! They called Opera bikini set. As Ukrainian designers said, these sets were inspired by one of Sleeper’s most-loved dresses of the same name – the Opera linen dress. Opera bikini sets with briefs or knee-length shorts are a contemporary take on a classical elegance of style muses past. The sets are available in three colors: white, blue Vichy, and black.


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