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Cute Summer Pieces for Travel that Look Just as Lovely in the Fall

The transitional season is almost upon us! What do I mean? Well, while the summer weather still scorches on, before we know it, we will start experiencing cooler days filled with pumpkin spice and falling leaves. And since travel is surging once again, it’s clear to see that our carefree summer trips will transition seamlessly into the fall season and beyond.

That being said, to prepare for your upcoming trips, it’s important to have cute pieces that are perfect for the warm summer weather than can effortlessly transition into the fall with the right styling. So, I’ve gathered together some of my favorite summer pieces to share them with you today. It’s time to get your styling on!  

The San Jacinto Ruffle Shoulder Mini Dress by Selfie Leslie

If you’re looking for a chic dress with casual vintage vibes, then the San Jacinto Ruffle Shoulder Mini Dress by Selfie Leslie might just be your favorite pick this year. This adorable dress is just flirty enough while still making a classy statement. The ruffled shoulder, tiered skirt, and shirred waist make it incredibly unique and stylish.

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The San Jacinto Ruffle Shoulder Mini Dress by Selfie Leslie

Worn by itself and styled with cute earrings and a colorful bag, this is the perfect look for all of your summer trips. Personally, I can’t wait to wear this to the beach! But, as we transition into fall, it will look just as lovely styled with boots, an oversized brown sweater wrap, and a cute hat. So, whether you’re traveling in the summer or the fall, this dress is an excellent choice for all of your adventures. Be sure to check out many of the beautiful pieces by Selfie Leslie as you begin packing for your next transitional trip!

The Capri Short Tunic Dress by Nicoblu

bonaire-island-bonaire-beach-villas (16)
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Malorie wearing Nicoblu at the Bonaire Beach Villas

Nothing says chic, hot-girl summer like the right tunic dress. And we couldn’t love any tunic dress more than we love the dresses at Nicoblu, like this Capri Short Tunic Dress in Shalimar Turquoise on Mint Julep. The Nicoblu tunic dresses offer the perfect look for a chic summer vacation on your favorite tropical island as well as the perfect cut for when the temperatures start to drop. Styled with a cute chain belt and hat, you can own this look at any beach or resort. And styled with boots and a loose sweater wrap, this look can take over your fall trips just as easily. It’s a great piece to transition from summer to fall in and definitely a must-bring for all your upcoming vacations. Read more about Nicoblu here!

Authentic Vintage Pieces

The best thing about authentic vintage pieces is that you can always find a chic piece currently back in style. There’s something so uniquely special about that moment when you tell someone that you’re wearing an authentic piece from the 1960s, 70s, etc. There’s a certain unique charm to knowing that while your look may have once been mass produced, there are likely not many like it left in circulation. It gives you a unique and fashionable footprint all your own. While traveling this year, I’ve found that unique vintage pieces have been a perfect way to add character and charm to all of my travel looks, whether it be in warmer or cooler weather. There’s always a place for vintage. So, if you’re scratching your head trying to pack this year, think about shopping vintage for both sustainability and fashion reasons alike.

Travel isn’t stopping or slowing down any time soon. Even if you don’t have any trips prepared yet- it’s likely you’ll have many appear almost out of thin air before the year is over. So, I heavily encourage you to prepare for the end of summer and the beginning of fall with these lovely pieces that can be worn both at home and on your upcoming trips.

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