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Curvy Kate’s Facebook Ad Was Rejected for Being Too Sexy. So Were Ours! But Not the Ones You Think

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Here’s another ad of ours that was rejected.

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But underwear, lingerie, and swimsuit ads run rampant on Facebook. How is Facebook deciding what’s “too sexy” or “too suggestive”? There’s nothing different about the girls in the ads except that maybe our makeup artist is better…but again, subjective.

Why can’t they allow Curvy Kate’s Scantilly campaign?

The first thought that comes to mind is the fact that the models in the ad are unconventional. Does Facebook think viewers would react negatively to the ad because it features a plus-sized blogger, a recovered anorexic, an amputee, a transgender woman, and an alopecia sufferer, to name a few? We sure as hell wouldn’t.

We need to start treating models of all sizes, backgrounds, and sexual preferences equally. We are all beautiful. Just because these girls are wearing a bra with a cup size D or bigger or because our girls pose with their mouth slightly open does not mean they deserve to be rejected.

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