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CS:GO Trade: How to Get the Most Out of it

In the legendary first-person shooter — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — you can change the appearance of weapons and equipment of the hero. Today, skins and other digital goods, the rights to which belong to the American corporation Valve, are worth thousands of US dollars.

Read on to see how to earn through CS:GO trade!

What Are CS:GO Skins?

CS:GO skins are a subgroup of digital goods that are an extension of the ecosystem of the legendary shooter from Valve and can be exchanged or sold on specialized platforms. 

Their main function is to change the standard appearance of characters and their equipment without assigning additional abilities and other competitive advantages. Thus, CS:GO skins perform the function of just stylish accessories that have a specific market value.

How to Trade CS:GO Skins

The exchange of CS:GO items between players is officially possible only on the Steam platform. Since the skins are the property of Valve Corporation, the latter made sure to get the biggest piece of the pie from the sale and purchase of skins. 

Unfortunately, the platform does not provide the option to withdraw funds back to a bank account or e-wallet. Moreover, the service takes a fairly high commission of 15% on each transaction. Thus, once you sell your CS:GO skins on Steam, you can only spend on other corporation products. 

You may not believe it, but the price range of CS:GO skins start from fractions of a dollar and end in tens of thousands of dollars.

Earn with DMarket

As noted earlier, it is not possible to withdraw funds received as a result of the sale of skins on Steam. At most, you can spend your earnings on other Valve products, including new skins. 

To get real money for your assets, you need to use third-party services: for example, DMarket

In real time, you will sell all the skins covered in dust from your inventory and instantly withdraw your earnings through one of the payment systems presented on the site.

If you can boast of a large number of valuable skins, then it is worth considering turning the exchange process into an additional source of income. Do not underestimate the in-game items in CS:GO. With the right approach, they can become your digital asset. 

It is no coincidence that skins are increasingly being compared to cryptocurrencies. Since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most successful cyber disciplines, skins will be valued for a long time. At the same time, CS:GO skins are distinguished from other in-game items by a fairly stable position in the market.

ESports and CS:GO Items

Esports have a significant impact on the cost of CS:GO skins. The cost of a particular skin is guaranteed to increase if a well-known cyber sportsman uses it during a major tournament. 

Professional players are the real opinion leaders in the virtual item exchange market. Replenishing the inventory of skins with stickers of your favorite team is the dream of many gamers. For this reason, you can never go wrong by investing in a skin. 

After holding the asset for a year or two, you can then sell it for several times more. Of course, to become a good CS:GO trader you need to constantly follow the news and trends. 

Join the Game

Trading skins is not only engaging but also profitable. Of course, a newcomer to the world of digital entertainment can get lost in the intricate web of trends and market changes. 

However, the industry for trading in-game items is growing rapidly. By some estimates, its value has already exceeded the film and music industries combined. 

You can start trading CS:GO items gradually. There are a large number of free guides available on our blog that are sure to help you make your first profitable trade.

For example, not so long ago, in January 2018, a historic deal took place: a souvenir AWP was sold to an anonymous buyer for $61,000. Today, CS:GO skins are attributes of status and prestige. Just like Swiss Rolex watches in the real world.

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