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Crystal Healing: How to Use an Orgonite Pyramid Properly

An orgone cleanses the negative energy that is surrounding us. It has the same vibrations as that of Chi or Prana. It also neutralizes the electromagnetic waves in our bodies. Now, an Orgonite is a composition of metal shavings and resin composite. The mixture has added quartz crystals because of their piezoelectric properties.

You have probably seen this type of crystal in the windows of shops. You might have passed by it in the mall, or you must have seen it as a decoration in some house, office, or some prop in a movie. It may be your first time seeing it, so you do not know it. So we are here to give you pointers on the usage of the orgonite pyramid.

Meditate with the orgonite pyramid 

The first thing you should do is place this orgonite pyramid in your palm. Direct your intentions towards the orgonite pyramid and feel its radiating energy. The idea is to feel it naturally, not to force it. 

The moment you start to feel its energy, try directing it towards the part of your body that is aching. You can also project it towards another person who needs healing. The important thing here is for you to have an undisturbed concentration.

Put it somewhere in need of healing 

This crystal is not for sole use only. You can use this to heal people in other places. A place itself can also be the receiver of its wondrous abilities. You can put it in the heart of your home to absorb or ward off unwanted energies. Since orgone is a living energy, you can place this pyramid near water sources such as rivers or streams that require revival. It can also be buried in regions of barren land or under trees. The roots can absorb the energy emanating from the pyramid so that the trees can become robust once more. 

Carry it with you 

Yes, these orgonite pyramids have pendants you can use for a necklace. Having it with you or close to your person can ward off any negative energy that can drain or affect you. You can also have an orgonite pyramid on your office desk to minimize stress while you are working.

Take a dip with it 

Yes, we are talking about the literal dip as in bathing. Putting one in your batch can help you relax as it absorbs bodily fatigue to energize you. You can line it up with your essential oils, bath salts, and bath bombs. You can also mix it with other crystals like Amethyst and Rose quartz to maximize its effects.

Final Thoughts 

It is good to be enlightened about wondrous items like the orgonite pyramid that we can use in our daily life. Our thoughts can have power. We need only to channel the right concentration towards things we want to happen. Our mental disposition about the things around us can alter the outcome to our benefit. With that said, we hope we have given relevant tips on how you can effectively use the orgonite pyramid.

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