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Cruise Lines that Have Great Vegan Options

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What cruise lines cater to vegans and vegetarians?

This is the perfect time of the year for a cruise! If you are thinking about getting away and believe in eating a plant-based diet, you might believe there are not many options out there. Well, think again because there is great vegan dining on cruises today! As more people choose to eat a compassionate diet, cruises are taking notice. In fact, many have added several vegetarian and vegan options to their menus! So, celebrate the new year by cruising around the world in style with great vegan options!


This cruise line travels all over Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
On the cruise to Vietnam, Ama has created a full vegan menu for passengers. So, you can cruise down the Mekong River for 16 relaxing days with vegan food at your fingertips. We absolutely LOVED our Romantic Danube cruise from Vilsofen, Germany to Budapest, Hungary!

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