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Is the Crotch-Baring Dress for You?

Are you daring enough to wear fashion’s latest red carpet trend?

The newest red carpet trend is as daring as can be! Celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Giulia Salemi, and Dayane Mello are strutting down the red carpet in crotch-baring dresses!

When Bella Hadid made her entrance in Cannes this year, all eyes were on her.crotch. She wore a blazing red dress that barely covered her private area. Sure, these might be eye-catching gowns for the red carpet, but can you really get away with wearing a crotch-baring dress? One false move and things can go horribly wrong! Fashion stylists recommend wearing styling tape if you are daring enough to try this new trend. You can also wear a strapless panty that is held in place by an adhesive gel.

But logistically, it seems like a nightmare to dance in, move about comfortably, or even for standing up and sitting down from the dinner table – the list goes on and on. Not to mention showing undesired tan lines in your private area.

A woman should be noticed for her beauty overall. What ever happened to mystery?

What do YOU think? Would you wear this crotch-baring dress to an event or out on the town?


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