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Creating and Deploying Beautiful Signage For Your Nail Salon

In most parts of the world, there is a lot of competition for nail salons. It is an easy and relatively low-cost business to set up. As a result, a lot of would-be entrepreneurs give running one a go. For example, in the UK, the number of nail bars increased by 56% between 2014 and 2019.

This level of growth means that often there are more salon seats than there are customers. So, it is a highly competitive business to be involved in. For this reason, nail bars must stand out from the crowd.

Use digital signs to get your nail business noticed

One of the easiest ways to do that is to tap into the power of digital signage. When you use it right it can help you to:

·       Get noticed and attract more new customers

·       Build your brand

·       Increase customer loyalty

·       Make your customers more aware of the services you offer, including extras

·       Persuade your customers to spread the word about the service you provide via social media

·       Share special offers that will tempt people to use you more often

Surprisingly, doing all of the above is not complicated or expensive. You only need to buy or hire a few screens and learn how to use digital signage software for salons. This will enable you to use them as suggested below.

To catch the attention of passersby

The more striking your shop front is, the more people will notice your business and be tempted inside. Because you can display absolutely anything you want on a digital screen, they can help you a great deal with this.

You could, for example, have a short promotional video made. It is also possible to display digital slide shows on them. Possibly to display eye-catching nail art posters like these or to tell customers about 3 or 4 of your current promotions.

When you use digital screens in your window it is possible to advertise 24/7. If your salon is located in an area that stays busy late into the night, you will be surprised by just how many late evening passersby will pop back the next day to have their nails done.

Using digital screens to share more special offers with your customers

It is also worth using digital screens inside your business premises to share the details of even more of your promotions with customers. If you want, you can use the same slide show you did on the digital screen that you have set up as a part of your window display. But in most cases, it makes sense to mix things up a bit. For example, if you offer a loyalty card, advertising that to people who are already your customers rather than to passersby will be more effective.

Tell your customers more about the services that you offer

When people are in your salon, you have their full attention. So, don´t miss the opportunity to use your digital signage to tell them more about what you have to offer. For example, share some of your seasonal nail designs with them.

Encourage customers to share on social media

There are lots of ways to promote your nail salon on social media. Encouraging your customers to share their experiences and photos of the work you have done is a particularly effective way to do this. Displaying some of their past posts and tweets on your screens will encourage them to do that more.

Increasing brand awareness

Regardless of what type of images you decide to use, include your branding. Incorporating your logo, company colors, messages, and fonts in all of your designs is a subtle, yet effective, way to give your brand a boost.

Use more traditional signs too

As you can see, digital signage is extremely powerful. But that does not mean that you should not also be using more traditional signs in your nail bar, as well. A custom neon sign set up on a back wall is an inexpensive way to add a bit of zing to your nail salon’s decor.

Acrylic signs can be employed in a similar way. You can also have a few printed up with some of your regular exclusive offers and display them on sandwich boards outside your salon.

Where to get images for your displays

Regardless of what type of signage you decide to use, you will need to know where to get stunning images from and how to edit them. This video tutorial shows you how to do that.

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