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CoverGirl Just Announced Its First Male Spokesmodel!

Aspiring makeup artist and YouTuber James Charles is about to have his life turned upside down.

Do you follow male beauty influencers? If you’re a VIVA GLAM girl, you probably do! Influencers like Angel Merino (@mac_daddy) have just as many, if not more followers, than some of today’s biggest female beauty influencers. It was only a matter of time before a major brand decided to make one of them their spokesmodel. Amazingly, CoverGirl was the brand to step up first, and chose James Charles as their first male spokesmodel.


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You may already know him as the guy whose senior portrait went viral. Or just as an incredible young talent, as he’s just under 500K on Instagram.


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So far, the reaction has been mixed on social media. Many fans of the CoverGirl brand are over the moon with their forward-thinking decision, especially James’s fans. But others are chiming in saying that makeup is “just for girls”. Yeah right.

CoverGirl responded with this statement on their Instagram:


We support anyone and everyone who wants to express themselves with makeup. COVERGIRL believes in beauty for all, and we’re proud to welcome James Charles to the family. We do not tolerate bullying on our Instagram page, and per our community rules will remove any profanity or content considered defamatory.”


James Charles will soon be appearing in a national commercial, possibly alongside of Katy Perry, as well as national ads.

What do you think of this news?


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