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Could a Royal Title Be Your Shortcut to a More Glamorous Life?

Have you ever wondered about the sort of life that members of royalty live? Surely it’s got to be more than just living in a fancy palace or a castle, right? Correct. It is only a small number of royalty that enjoy the crème de la crème experience. These are the highest-ranking members of a royal family. 

However, there are many Lords and Ladies that live seemingly normal lives but enjoy a number of unique privileges due to their position. Even if you aren’t born into a royal family, you can buy a title to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Today, let’s look at what some of those unique benefits look like.

Business Opportunities

When you have a royal title, it is easy to move around in affluent circles. The rich are usually wary of letting in unvetted people into their midsts. However, a royal title (when combined with a convincing act) can be a great way of getting close to elite financial circles.

This can be extremely helpful if you are starting a business and looking for partners and investors. With a royal title behind your name, you will notice that investors are much more willing to give you a chance than any other average Joe. 

Similarly, you might find it easier to land exclusive advertising opportunities in the form of social media influencers who will be more likely to give you a shoutout. These shoutouts can be a game-changer in scaling your business rapidly due to the direct and instant nature of the advertisement that comes from the trust followers have in influencers. 

Social Events

Those with royal titles won’t just be reaping benefits in business. They are also likely to be invited to social events, parties, and gatherings more often. Who doesn’t want to have a guest list with royalty in it? In addition, the events that you might be invited to will also be at a higher level. 

Don’t be surprised if you get invited to philanthropic events and are even expected to donate money to causes and be public with your charity. If that’s something you want to avoid, then choose the events that you go to with care.


Housing is another area where you are likely to see many benefits. Real estate agents are quite perceptive about the types of people in each neighborhood. When they realize you are royalty, they will take that into account when showing you houses. 

You might find yourself being shown options in neighborhoods that they wouldn’t show to others. Real estate agents often make quick assessments about people the first time they meet. Therefore, you want to ensure that you dress the part and introduce yourself with confidence. For example: 

“Greetings, I am Lord so and so. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

 If you are convincing enough, you might just find them curtsying before you.  


Education opens up a ton of doors and opportunities. However, many of these opportunities depend on the quality or prestige of the institutions. 

You may notice that many people apply to prestigious educational institutions but rarely get in. 

Have you ever wondered why that happens? 

If a person excels in their grades and extra-curricular activities, they should be offered a position, right?

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Those in charge of educational institutions (particularly prestigious ones) often have a set of unwritten criteria that determine who to allow in. 

What is included in such criteria isn’t common knowledge, but careful analysis will reveal an interesting theme. Those whose parents occupy high positions in society often have an easier time getting admission. 

Thus, when a college or university realizes that the son of a royal family is applying to their institution, they are quite likely to grant them admission. 

Does that feel a bit unfair? Sure, it is, but being royalty should give you some benefits, or there wouldn’t even be a point to it, would there?

Travel Upgrades

As a Lord or a Lady, one of the extra benefits is that you might find yourself receiving perks like free upgrades when traveling. You might notice the staff being extra polite to you, and it is likely you will be able to travel in first class even without needing to pay the hefty fees. This might even include complimentary meals. 

Traveling in style is one of the best things a person can experience, so try to enjoy every moment. Similarly, you might notice that when you are dining at a hotel, a simple hint about your royal title is enough to get your table instantly upgraded to a fancier one.


Having the title of Lord or Lady is no laughing matter. While it offers several perks and benefits that can be experienced in everyday life, you do need to be responsible about the way you carry yourself. The last thing you want is to be someone that abuses their power and position. 

It is easy to let the respect and recognition that people give you get to your head. Try to remember your humble origins every time you think about taking advantage of the many opportunities that royal life will offer you. You can even pay it forward by gifting the title of Lord or Lady to someone close. After all, the more people treat each other like royalty, the better.

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