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How to Copycat Marilyn Monroe Makeup

As the epitome of beauty’s face, Marilyn Monroe’s look will forever be timeless. Hollywood’s iconic bombshell beauty has echoed through the years, and her beauty has never been more relevant! Before the age of YouTube tutorials and beauty gurus, Allan Snyder was the go to guru on all things beauty. As Marilyn’s iconic makeup artist, Snyder originated trends we didn’t even realize had been around for that long. Years may have passed, but Marilyn’s look will always be in trend. If you’ve always lusted after her beauty like us, then we’re here to give you a few tips & tricks on how to try to copycat Marilyn Monroe makeup, emphasis on the word “try” .it’s worth giving a shot, right?

Contouring is Key

That’s right, the recent trend isn’t so recent after all. Snyder swore by contouring when it came to Marilyn’s makeup. It was all about contouring her cheeks as well as her nose- crazy, right?

Unlike the dusty brown tones used today, Snyder loved to opt for a blusher when it came to contouring. He especially loved applying blush to the tip of her nose to give the look of a shorter and stouter tip of the nose!

Vaseline All Over

Snyder’s favorite multi-purpose product seemed to be Vaseline. The classic petroleum jelly was definitely his secret weapon. He would use Vaseline to primer her skin as well as applying it to the high points.

Vaseline served a similar purpose as highlighter does today. Applying it to the cheekbones and brow bones as well as the tip of your nose can really give your face more dimension and catch the light beautifully!

. Then, Contour Some More

Plump lips seem to have never been out of style. While today’s makeup lovers often opt for strange suction tools or fillers to achieve a fuller plumper look, Snyder put his makeup to work and achieve the same look.

Snyder used
five different shades of lipstick to contour her lips. Contouring the lips worked to give them more dimension and pouty look. To achieve this look, apply darker reds on the outside and then slowly begin to add lighter shades in the center to give some dimension. The highlighter is then used on the cupids bow and your bottom lip to catch the light and give a plump finish.

Halfsies for Falsies

Beautifully fluttery lashes are definitely another Marilyn Monroe staple that fits in perfectly today. Everyone may love to pack on layers and layers of false lashes and be left with what resembles black cardboard on their eyes. However, Snyder’s approach was definitely more flattering.

He would cut her false lashes in half and apply them only to the outer edge of her lid. Not only did this give a more natural look, but she was always left with fluttery, winged out eyes that looked beautiful!




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