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Consider a Stay in a Serviced Apartment When Traveling to Belfast

Have you been dreaming of booking a trip to Belfast? Have you been itching to see how this historical city has managed to marry its architecture with all kinds of modern pops and conveniences? Would you also like to discover first hand why it is often referred to as one of the coolest cities in all of the UK? Why not see for yourself by taking that leap and booking a holiday to Belfast.

Now before you go ahead and choose your accommodations, you may also want to consider the option of a serviced apartment – as this can completely transform your holiday experience.

Take Advantage of Added Space

One of the biggest complaints that people have about a stay in a hotel is that there tends to be a lack of space. You barely have enough space to move about the room let alone store your luggage and relax. That isn’t the case with a serviced apartment, as you’re getting an entire apartment unit.

Take the Belfast Dream Apartments, which have five different locations across the city. You can choose from one- or two-bedroom units, which means you’ll have a separate area for sitting and relaxing. There won’t be that cramped feeling that is so typical with a hotel stay.

Fabulous City-Centre Locations to Choose From

Serviced apartments also tend to be well-known for their popular city-centre locations. Many are within walking distance to the top attractions, sights, shopping, and dining in Belfast which means you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get around.

Go Ahead and Stay in for a Meal

While part of the allure of traveling is sampling authentic cuisine in that destination, sometimes you just feel like staying in. Perhaps you’ve had a long day of touring and sightseeing and the thought of sitting in a busy and loud restaurant just doesn’t appeal to you. This is where a serviced apartment can offer another edge over a traditional hotel room.

Serviced apartments feature fully-equipped kitchens, which mean you’ve got the ability to prepare your meals in your room. There’s no need to go out if you’re not in the mood, just whip up a meal or snack and relax in your apartment.

Traveling with Your Dog?

If you’re the type who likes to bring your dog with you on holidays, then you know better than anyone just how difficult it can be to find accommodations that are pet-friendly. Again, it also goes back to space. Your dog just isn’t going to have much space in a typical hotel room.

There are many serviced apartments, such as the ones offered through Dream Apartments, that are dog-friendly. It’s the whole “home away from home” atmosphere that they are creating, which means your lovable canine family member is welcome.

The Perfect Option When Visiting Belfast

So as you start to finalise the details on your holiday to Belfast, consider a serviced apartment as a fabulous and often more versatile accommodation option.


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