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Comedian Jamie Lee Talks ’10 Things’, Twitter, and Writing a Satirical Wedding Planning Book

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As journalists, we at
Viva Glam know what a listicle is: an article formatted into a numbered or bullet-pointed list. We often do them here with our Red Carpet Style Crush pieces and our gift recommendations. But comedian Jamie Lee has taken the listicle to new heights with her new show on truTV called 10 Things
where Jamie shares fun facts about interesting topics.

You may know her from MTV’s
Girl Code, Last Comic Standing, or maybe even the
Chelsea Lately
round table, but where you should know her most now is Twitter as her one-liners are outrageously funny.

Jamie Lee is also writing a satirical book about wedding planning to be released in 2016, possibly around the time of her own wedding. With so many projects on the horizon, Jamie Lee talked to us about
10 Things, her upcoming book, and her habits on Twitter.


Q&A with Jamie Lee

You’ve mentioned that 10 Things
covers a wide range of subjects. As a writer, does that make it easier or harder to decide on the subjects for your episodes?

At first, just coming up with lists was hard because we tried to be super specific like, “10 Ways To Sabotage A Day Wedding!” Just silly and fun. But then we realized broadening is better because we have more stories and facts that can fit under a broad umbrella. So now we have “10 Things You Didn’t Learn In Sex Ed,” “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Food,” etc.


What can we expect of the show, in terms of content, the kind of comedy, and the look?

It’s fast-paced with awesome graphics, packed with information and jokes about said information. There’s also Man on the Street bits, focus groups, we mix it up. Never a dull moment.


While you have to be on topic for the shows you write for, what inspires your personal stand-up? Has that changed over time?

It has changed a lot. I used to make up premises to serve a joke and now I rely harder on my real life.


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Comedian Jamie Lee Talks '10 Things', Twitter, and Writing a Satirical Wedding Planning Book

Comedian Jamie Lee Talks '10 Things', Twitter, and Writing a Satirical Wedding Planning Book

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