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Coachella 2018: What Was It About this Year?

Everything you need to know about Coachella 2018!

This year’s Coachella was, as expected, a tremendous success. With an expected attendance of over 250,000 music fans, this year’s Coachella was full of diversity in both music and fashion.

Sleep was definitely not on the agenda for most of the festival goers as week one started off with eager fans being let onto the grounds at 1pm on Friday. This year’s lineup was heavily influenced by hip hop, r&b, and EDM. Concertgoers came to see Beyonc‚àö¬©, Eminemm and The Weeknd in addition to Jamiroquai, Cash Cash, and HITO.

As a result, Coachella 2018 fashion also reflected the music. In 2017, the festival grounds were filled with long, floral skirts, flower headbands and crowns, beaded sandals, and flowing, wavy hair.
The bohemian influence was still around in 2018, but clearly hip hop and EDM took center stage when it came to festival fashion in 2018. Instead, glitter was the primary accessory. And even “glitter boobs” were seen on occasion! Black shorts, see-thru mesh tops with pasties underneath, boots, and goth-influenced makeup prevailed.

Hair was not wavy and free. Rather, it was up in twists, braids, and up off the face.

In addition, futuristic, outer space fashion prevailed with fans dancing till dawn in the Sahara, Gobi, and Mojave tents to EDM!

Another radical step in the right direction for Coachella 2018 was the food. Last year, there were only a few vegan options available. However, typical festival food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, kabobs, and other meat based foods were the mainstay. In 2018, a shift towards a plant-based menu was clearly seen the moment you stepped foot onto the festival grounds.

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With Scotty Montgomery

Monty’s Good Burger manager, Scotty Montgomery, told us that they have been welcomed with only positive praise at this year’s Coachella. Monty’s Good Burger served Impossible Burgers, a 100% cruelty free burger made from plants. Known as “the burger that bleeds”, this 100% plant-based burger was almost identical to the real deal. In fact, if no one told us it was a plant-based burger, we wouldn’t have known the difference! What was also amazing were the light, cucumber pickle slices put on top that cut the heaviness of the burger. We had crispy tater tots and an old fashioned homemade lemonade as well. A perfect meal sitting under the stars listening to Snakehips!

Artisan brand Van Leeuwen Ice Cream was also present. They created both traditional and vegan options for their small-batch, homemade ice cream!
And we also saw The Herbivorous Butcher that featured vegan fried chicken! Yum!

We hope for more plant-based options in the years to come as Millennials are seeking more cruelty-free options when it comes to food.

We also noticed less leather, fur, and feathers this year. In fact, as high fashion is going cruelty-free, so is festival fashion with more and more choosing plant-based option and realistic faux leather.

On Saturday, we caught American music producer Nile Rodgers’ set.
Perhaps he summed it up best when he said that when he was diagnosed with cancer, he was told to put all of his affairs in order. He said that to him, putting his affairs in order meant to create as much music as possible.

So, he created and created and in the process, he became cancer-free.
His goal at Coachella was to share as much positive and fun music with the world to be inspiring and up lifting to all. And indeed, this is what Coachella 2018 did. It was inspirational, motivational, and creative, and it brought all worlds of music together. Whether you were a fan of hip hop, EDM, funk, rap, or hard rock, everyone was brought together by positivity and the love of good music, good people, and food.

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With Katarina Van Derham

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Coachella Hair Tutorial

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