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Classic makeup.
Eras in history have been characterized by makeup styles.
The 1950’s had the thick Elizabeth Taylor eyebrow.
The 1960’s had light pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow.
The 1970’s used sparkles.
The 1980’s faces were very colorful .
The 1990’s had brown matte lipstick and so on.
But classic makeup remains simple and stylish.
A minimum
of makeup is
used on the classic face.
Blush is used sparingly.
No heavy eye makeup and perhaps the brows are simply brushed and groomed.
Lipstick is natural or, for evenings, a true red.
And a spritz of classic perfume such as Joy by Jean Patou is all that is needed.
Nothing is overdone and nothing is too pretentious.
Leave the trends at home and stick to the makeup basics.

Black and White photo by Deja Jordan


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