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Some things never go out of style.
And beauty is forever.
No matter what fashions or styles may go out or in, beauty remains. It is the icon that everyone, man or woman, aspires to.
And one can never underestimate the power of Classic beauty.

Classic beauty is characterized by simplicity. In both; style and design.
And no matter what age, a woman can still look classically beautiful at all stages of her life.


Classic fashion.
Classic beauty is characterized by clothing that is neither trendy nor “of the moment”.
It is timeless.
It is characterized by simple pieces that are interchangeable.
The lines are simple.
Colors are usually black, white or gray.
These pieces are not flamboyant, but are made well.
These pieces don’t have to be expensive, although they most certainly can be.
Lesser retail stores such as Target carry simple classics at an affordable price.

Classic Fashion Katarina Van Derham

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