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Christmas May Be Behind Us, but the Gingerbread Hair Color Trend is Far from Over

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When you see someone from afar, the one thing that pops out is their eye-catching hair color. And what is more show-stopping than the chic Gingerbread hair color? This cookie-themed hair color reminds us of all the things that are warm and spiced due to its deep brown shade morphed into cranberry, auburn hues. This results in a vibrant yet rooted hair color that complements almost every skin type and gives a soft glow. You can color any hair type, and this food-inspired hair dye will make you stand out. It’s classy, it’s trendy, it’s everything you can want in a hair color. The festive season is over but that doesn’t mean, the ever-so-mesmerizing gingerbread hair color has gone out of style. We have listed our favorite ways to fashion your gingerbread hair for an exquisite look. 

Christmas Maybe Behind Us, But The Gingerbread Hair Color Trend Is Far From Over 1
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Photo By @miashairdresser/Instagram

This gingerbread hair color is interlaced with rich shades of red-brown which work splendidly with neutral skin tones. Notice the glossy texture and the shine that would be incredible for anyone who wants to flaunt their new hair color. 

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