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VG Have you had formal acting training?

CS I’ve dabbled in acting classes and acting coaches, and I know it works for a lot of people, but I don’t really care for it. I feel like working with a coach is second guessing myself. This is how neurotic I am, if I got coached on a project and I didn’t get the role, I would tend to blame that coach, so I have to just do it myself and learn from my own mistakes. I feel like acting is not really something to be taught. I can’t have someone else tell me how to feel things.


VG What’s it like for you to portray dark and dramatic characters?

CS I did 96 Minutes, which is a really gritty independent film, and the whole movie I was crying. And I must be creepy I suppose because I find it extremely therapeutic. I get really into it and I love it. And those are the projects that I have the most fun on. And you have to feel really comfortable with the people you’re working with. I was working with Evan Ross who is one of my best friends and Brittany Snow, and so we could all just have so much fun and then know that we felt safe enough to get down to business and cry and get emotional.

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VG Which actors do you admire?

CS Well, I have to bring up Daniel Day Lewis since I just saw Lincoln last night. He was incredible. He completely transformed himself down to his walk.

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