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VG Did you have any disappointments along the way?

CS I’ve definitely gotten very frustrated, but I tend not to get too attached to anything very quickly so I guess that worked out well for me when it came to acting roles. If I didn’t get the role, I wouldn’t get down on myself, I would just think there was something bigger, badder, and better for me next time!

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VG When you say you don’t get too attached to anything, does that go for relationships too?

CS No, I get very attached when it comes to loved ones and family. Especially when it comes to my babies .¨ which are my dogs! I have miniature poodles and they’re my life. In that case I get very emotional and very attached. But when it comes to roles, I don’t get too down on myself because you have to expect that coming into this job.


VG What was it like working on the Twilight movies?

CS I basically grew up doing the Twilight projects since I was 16 and I don’t think anything will ever compare to that experience. It’s been a really cool experience travelling the world and meeting fans. It’s definitely been fun.

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