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Chella Beauty Previews ‘Le Vie’ Make Up Palette During Event at the AllBright in West Hollywood

Last Wednesday, Chella Beauty celebrated the launch of its brand-new eye palette, ‘Le Vie’ makeup up palette, by inviting beauty and lifestyle influencers and celebrities to preview the product during an evening of sophisticated fun and pampering.

The event took place at the AllBright in West Hollywood, CA, where attendees could try out the new makeup before the launch of the product, get massages by Soothe, try B12 shots by Hydration Drip, and try a Cryo Facial by CryoCafe. The AllBright is a relatively new LA hotspot, having opened in 2019, that provides elegant spaces carefully designed for driven, inspiring men and women to connect and collaborate. The sophistication of the location added the perfect final touches on a great event.

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Euphoria Star Nika King and Chella CEO Chris Kolodziejski at the Chella Beauty Launch of their new ‘Le Vie’ makeup up palette / Photo by Kirsten Moore

The evening also consisted of delicious food and drinks accompanied by a live performance from Ms. Crissy J, also known as the Goddess of Violin. And, of course, a demonstration of the product was also done by Chella’s CEO & Founder, Chris Kolodziejski.

Such a spectacular event was held to showcase an equally spectacular product. Chella Beauty’s “ ‘Le Vie’ makeup up palette is like no palette we’ve seen before. The palette consists of warm neutral colors that are perfect for everyday wear. But what really stands out about the palette is that the colors are interchangeable and refillable. This way, if you use more of one color than another- and let’s face it, we all do that- you can have it refilled without refilling the entire palette. The palette comes with 2 pearl and 2 matte shades that are water-resistant and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush, as well, to make application easier. It’s the perfect eyeshadow palette to carry with you at all times- whether you are going to work, traveling, having fun, or just wanting to look like your best natural self.

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Grace & Frankie Star Lindsey Kraft, Mandalorian star Emily Swallow & Emmy Nominee Adina Porter at the Chella Beauty Launch of their new ‘Le Vie’ makeup up palette / Photo by Kirsten Moore

Chella beauty is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that celebrates fundamental beauty- keeping your routine simple, effortless, and long-lasting. Their products are perfect for your everyday routine. Chella’s products are made to enhance your natural beauty and provides education, ingredients, and formulas to clients.

So, be sure to celebrate the launch of ‘Le Vie’ makeup up palette yourself by ordering your own palette today and using it to enhance your natural beauty.


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